Production Company 3 Echoes Wins Small Business of The Year

3 echoes

3 Echoes Productions started producing ‘Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford’, the home improvement show shot here in Mobile and aired nationally. That was 20 years ago. It wasn’t long before they started working with home improvement clients all around the country. That’s what they were doing when we dropped by.

“Yeah, these guys behind me are filming an installation video for one of our clients and they’re installing a range hood in our fake kitchen set right now. And we’ll actually do about 30 of these installation videos for our client and this will go out to their dealers and their installers all around the country,” says General Manager Chad Kirtland.

The production company gets help from state tax credits.

“And it definitely gave us a boost as the company was growing in those early years,” says Kirtland.

They’re incentives to keep things local, from where they shoot, to the labor they hire.

“We’re proud to work in the Mobile area and keep that work in Alabama. The same thing with the equipment we buy and the people that we hire and the contractors that we use.”

They produce hundreds of videos each year. And the hard work has paid off—they were just named the Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year.

“I think it’s great for us to be recognized for the work that we do here in the city and our efforts to bring clients from around the country here to experience Mobile. We like to say we’re a gulf coast-based production company and we can give you the same service and quality product that you receive on the east and west coast but it’s much more affordable.”

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