One Injured in House Fire Near Dauphin Island Parkway

A man from Mobile is recovering after being severely burned in a house fire in his home.  Mobile Fire Rescue said the victim had burns covering more than a third of his body and was last listed in serious condition at USA Medical Center.  

“I don’t know, it’s like a bad dream you know,” said neighbor Henry Brown.  Brown said he heard his neighbor calling for help early this morning.  The fire at this home on Windsor avenue called in around 4:30 this morning.

“It was burning, it was burning but they got him out of there and took him to the hospital,” said neighbor LC Richardson.  The homeowner was severely burned but he also had trouble getting out.  Officials say he’s a diabetic who recently had part of his leg amputated and wasn’t used to getting around without it.

“The fire appears to have originated in the living room, and started by a lit candle which was admitted by the owner,” said MFRD Spokesman Steve Huffman.  The homeowner also had trouble because burglar bars on the windows wouldn’t budge.  They have a key lock so no one can get in but he couldn’t out.  Neighbors say this is just the latest hardship for the man at this home.

“It’s just a tragedy you know for him to lose his mother, lose his leg and now lose the home it’s a saying that things come in threes  but that’s sad,” said neighbor Alphonse Williams.  There was no electricity in this home either.  

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