The Final Day to Pay Uncle Sam Ends up Being Free

Today is the last day indeed to make sure you pay Uncle Sam, but a free tax service in Pensacola is helping out a lot of senior citizens.

Dozens fill the lobby waiting for their names to be called to get their taxes filed.

“Probably will end up with close to 2500 returns just out of this site,” says site coordinator Nancy Taylor.

The free service, VITA, or volunteer income tax assistance, is offered to anyone, but it’s especially for people like Yvonne Ellis, who is on a fixed income and needs help to fill out the complicated forms.

“You have to pay the provider, and you don’t always have the money, and since the deadline’s normally the 15th, for many people it’s more bills than there is money. And if you don’t pay on time, you have penalties and interest and that can add up,” says Yvonne Ellis.

Since January, volunteer trained professionals at Pensacola State College have been working to help people get their taxes filed.

“It helps everybody that’s low income, or people that have trouble doing an income tax, and everybody is trained through the IRS,” says Taylor.

And for Yvonne, she’s thankful for that service, and she isn’t alone.

“I mean I got all the booklets and all the instructions, and started reading it all, and if I can get some help then I am going to do it,” says Mat Gerstanburg.

“For one thing I know that they have already been screened, so, that’s one job I don’t have to worry about and they are here because they want to be here,” says Eleanor Johnson.

Making it easy for others who might wait to the last minute.

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