NWS Radar gets the First of 4 Upgrades

If you’ve been checking your phones or watching the weather you may just have noticed that the radar in Mobile was down.  In fact, it was down from Saturday morning through Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service office in Mobile took down its radar to give it a big upgrade.  The radar this week is getting the first of a four step upgrade.  That four step upgrade will take 7 years.  Luckily Mobile’s radar was not down that long.  It came back online Tuesday with a new, faster processor.

“The processor that goes in with this actually gives the system more accurate elevation cuts,” said Michael Gill, Electronic Systems Analyst.  “And gives the forecaster a, a better picture of what’s going on.”

“No matter where you go on the internet as you say, or what TV channel you watch, the data actually is bought and paid for by the US taxpayers, and you’re watching that you’ve bought and paid for,” said Jeffrey Medlin, Meteorologist in Charge.  “So it comes from the National Weather Service because we’re the federal government.”

The National Weather Service is upgrading all of its 159 radars.  This update helps keep radars built and installed in the 90’s compatible through the 2030’s.

Now if you’ve been looking at the radar over the past few days and didn’t notice a difference, part of that is because there are several other radars that can cover most of our area, including Slidell and Eglin.

The National Weather Service will be installing the same upgrade to the Eglin radar beginning Wednesday.

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