Live Traffic Blog

9:10 am –Good news the accident crossing the Bayway has been cleared just past the Battleship Parkway exit but we continue to see a delay as it was backed up even before you got to exit 35 at the Daphne Spanish Fort exit there on I-10 Westbound. We also see some really heavy fog right now on the Mobile side of the Bayway as well so it’s going to be awhile for traffic to get back to normal headed I-10 Westbound into the Mobile from the Eastern Shore. In Mobile an accident with injuries at the intersection of Cottage Hill Road and Schillinger Road and a fender bender Old Government at Airport.

8:30 am – A wrecker is on the scene and they are in the clearing stages of that fender bender crossing the Bayway that had the right-hand lane block just passed the Battleship Parkway exit around the 30-mile marker so just a few more moments until they get that completely cleared. Traffic is backed up all the way to the Daphne /Spanish Fort exit on the Eastern Shore so if you’re going over towards Mobile this morning you want to use the causeway and you can get back up on the interstate there just passed the Battleship Parkway exit. In Mobile, fender benders at the east I 65 service road at Springhill Avenue and Cody Road in front of Brookside retirement home.

8:00 am – As your Tuesday morning commute continues to roll along we’ve had an accident there crossing the Bayway I-10 headed westbound just passed the Battleship Parkway exit. It’s pretty close to the 30-mile marker and is blocking the right-hand lane. Two vehicles are involved and we’re looking at about a 2 to 3 Mile backup already trying to go from the Eastern Shore over towards Mobile. We’ve got some fog in that area as well so that’s not helping things but do expect delays trying to get over towards Mobile using the Bayway, might want to use the causeway instead. Through both tunnels there we’re looking good and no new accidents in Mobile.

7:00 am – If you’re headed out the door in the next few minutes to begin your Tuesday morning commute; along the Eastern Shore we’ve seen some pretty foggy conditions. This includes the Fairhope area up towards Daphne and in Spanish Fort. On the Eastern Shore side of the Bayway, seeing a good bit of fog so use some caution headlights on low beam. If you’re headed towards Mobile we’re looking good right now on the Bayway and Causeway and no problems through either of the tunnels. Mobile Police reporting no accidents right now in the downtown area, however Highway Patrol on the scene of an earlier accident the wrecker is there trying to clear an accident at Wilmer Road at Davidson road.

6:30 am – We begin your Tuesday morning commute with a little bit of fog on the Eastern Shore but no issues there crossing the Bayway. Looking good both directions and through both tunnels running smoothly. In the Mobile area Mobile Police reporting no accidents but Alabama Highway Patrol is on the scene of an earlier accident that happened about an hour ago there at the intersection of Wilmer Road at Davidson Road. It did involve injuries and a wrecker is en route to that scene. Beyond that, we’re looking good coming down I-65 and no problems in the downtown area.

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