Congressman Gaetz Concerned About T-45 Returning to Skies

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) – T-45 aircraft at NAS Pensacola have returned to the skies, but pilots are making changes to how they fly until the issues with the oxygen system can be resolved.

The T-45’s typically soar high in the skies, but in Pensacola, the T-45 will be restricted in their flights.

“They’re doing it at a lower altitude so pilots are not required to use the oxygen system that has led to contamination and disorientation,” said Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Congressman Gaetz wrote a letter to the Commander of Naval Air Forces voicing his concerns over the decision to resume flights. In the letter, Gaetz poses several questions about resuming flights, asking for more transparency regarding the scope of engineering and analysis testing.

He also addressed hypoxia-induced episodes throughout the military, referencing a problem in the Air Force with the F-22 pilot community.

“I’m grateful for that accommodation that the Navy has made,” said Congressman Gaetz. “But, I remain very concerned that we have not yet diagnosed why the oxygen systems in T-45 aircrafts are literally poisoning the pilots.”

Gaetz ends the letter by asking what Boeing’s level of involvement is in determining the issue. Also, if toxicologists or chemists are being involved in determining what is causing pilots in our skies to lose consciousness while flying.

Congressman Gaetz is a member of the Armed Services Committee.  He said last week this issue needs “top priority in a world that is becoming more dangerous by the hour.”

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