Prom Proposal Leads to Teen in Handcuffs

(CBS46) — The Peachtree City Police Department worked with a man to give his girlfriend quite a scare during a fake drug bust that led to a prom proposal. The incident was caught on an officer’s dash cam video.

The video begins with the officer at the man’s driver side window, asking him for his license and registration. He explains to the man that he is being pulled over on suspicion of drug possession.

The officer pulls the man and his girlfriend out of the vehicle and takes them to the back of the vehicle. As the officer searches the truck,he finds a zip lock bag with an unknown substance in it. The officer proceeds to ask the man and his girlfriend if they know anything about what’s inside the bag.

The man is then put into handcuffs. The officer continues to ask the girlfriend if the pot is hers and then shows her what appears to be a proposal inside the bag. The girlfriend does not appear pleased with the joke but eventually gets herself together.

By the way, the girlfriend said Yes!

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