Live Traffic Update: A Few Fender Benders


8:23 AM — Updating your Monday morning commute we are rolling along smoothly on the Eastern Shore. If you’re headed over towards Mobile you’ll start to see some fog there around the Battleship Parkway exit so you might slow your speed just a little bit into the George Wallace and Bankhead tunnel.  We did have a fender bender just outside of the Bankhead tunnel on the Mobile side. Mobile Police clearing that and trying to get it moved out of the way. Beyond that fender benders at DIP at Levine Street also University at Morrison Drive and Lott Road at Coleman Dairy Road in Mobile. We’re looking good though coming down I-65 with no problems there.

7:55 AM —  While not so bad along the Eastern Shore fog has become an issue on the mobile side of the bay way so if you’re headed towards mobile this morning about halfway across you’ll start to find yourself in some pretty thick fog that’s the same deal to the downtown area as well so slow your speed there and make sure there’s headlights are on low be moving along nicely even with the fog. Alabama Highway patrol headed the scene of an accident Lott at Coleman Dairy Road, also Moffett Road at Shelton Beach Road, Mobile police on the scene of that fender bender there.  No problems coming down I-65 but careful to those school zones.

7:25 AM — Some foggy spots in our area, one of them now being the Downtown Mobile area and on the Mobile side of the Bayway and Causeway. So if you’re headed over towards Mobile from the Eastern Shore (where it’s not foggy) it’s moving along pretty well but you’ll start to see some slow down the closer you get to the entrance of the tunnel. In Mobile various spots of fog there as well. No problems right now coming down I-65 of course be careful through those school zones and watch out for those school buses. That earlier accident Cottage Hill at Lakeside Drive involving a motorcycle has been cleared.

6:52 AM — We started to see some foggy spot start to pop up in our area to begin your Monday so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in that. Of course make sure those headlights are on low beam and let there be a good bit of distance between you and the car in front of you. In Mobile, moving along well, accident free right now crossing the Bayway and Causeway and right now no fog but that may change the tunnels looking good.  A serious accident they’re Cottage hill at Lakeside Drive involving a motorcycle. Mobile Police and emergency vehicles are on the scene avoid that intersection.  We’re looking good coming down I-65 no problems at the I-10 interchange and no issues through downtown.

6:30 AM — It’s a pretty good-looking start for your Monday morning commute. On the bay way and Causeway, so far no problems and no fog to deal with but that may change as the morning progresses. We have gotten some reports of some foggy conditions there on I-10 in the Loxley area. In Mobile we’re looking good through both tunnels and it’s back to school for Mobile Public Schools so be careful through those school zones again this morning. A new accident has occurred involving a motorcycle and near the intersection of Cottage Hill at Lakeside avoid that intersection.

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