Seminary Run by Saraland Native Resumes Work Following Peru Floods

This picture of the first day of class in April at the Baptist Bible Seminary in Peru was sent by Gloria and Oliver Williams.

Lima, Peru (WKRG)

On this Easter Sunday, a Baptist Bible Seminary run by a man originally from Saraland continues to recover a month after historic flooding devastated Peru.  This is a follow up with a married couple originally from the South who’ve spent nearly the last five decades training pastors in Lima.  Despite a lot of damage around campus, classes are back in session at the Bible Baptist Seminary in Lima, Peru.  A month ago we were seeing video like this showing parts of campus buildings snapping apart.  It’s part of staggering flooding around Peru that hit in late March and killed nearly 100 people.  The seminary is run by Gloria and Oliver Williams.  Oliver is originally from Saraland.  In the weeks that followed–thanks to donations and work from the community and former students–they were able to get class back in session only a week late.  They still have work to do.

“We have a problem with thieves and and other people coming through if there’s not a good wall up and good protection.  And it will take at least three weeks to build the wall the way it should be built,” said Oliver Williams.  The Williams’ say the biggest lesson for them is that God is in control and, whatever happens, everything is going to be okay.  

For updates on progress, you can check their facebook page.  They’ve asked any donations be sent to Baptist Bible Fellowship in Springfield Missouri or the Wilson Avenue Baptist Church in Saraland.  The link to disaster relief for the Peru mission can be found here.

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