Ask Danny: Cleaning Tub Rings

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

For more home improvement advice check out Danny’s website.  Here’s a look at what we talked about:

Chad: Well Danny this question says we have stained rings around our very old bathtub is there a way to clean that?

Danny: Well I tell ya people will break out this abrasive cleaner like Comet they’ll break out the magic eraser, they’ll try everything they can. Each one of those will help but sometimes the rings in the bathtub have just soaked down into… you would think it would not be porous but there’s a porous nature to every type of surface like that. Then you can break out something you might not even consider oven cleaner, oven cleaner.

Chad: Oven cleaner? Now I would automatically think that would be too much for…

Danny: Almost, it’s almost, you definitely need some good ventilation, so have your ventilation fan open, on having a window open if possible, have a fan blowing because it is very, very strong and very caustic so you want the heavy vinyl gloves. And then what you want to do is fill the tub up with hot water. Let it sit there for a little bit. Drain it. Get some of the moisture off of there then spray the oven cleaner very, very carefully around in there, make sure it’s nice and even, concentrating on the areas that look the worst. Then let it sit there for about 10 – 15 minutes. Amazing what that can do. Again, be careful when you’re using it because it’s some pretty strong stuff.

Chad: now are there any warnings or surfaces that might be damaged by using it on a certain type of tub?

Danny: Well, not the tubs as much as the actual fixtures. So any of your nice fixtures and handles and so forth might be a good idea to take a plastic bag, a garbage bag and kind of cover those a little bit so the fumes won’t even affect it. The drain you’ll probably be okay with it, the drain part of it but it’ll do an amazing job getting that a lot cleaner. Then you know you may even look at it and go hey, I can put off that bathroom remodeling thinking about for a little while longer.

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