Zeigler, Hightower Talk Bentley Resignation and Moving Forward

This past week saw the resignation of Robert Bentley, primarily to avoid prosecution.

One of the loudest voices through this whole process has been that of state auditor Jim Zeigler, who spoke today at a tea party rally in Theodore.

“Political commentators are saying it was a bad week for Alabama government. I disagree. It was a good week,” says Zeigler.

Zeigler claims there have only been a few state officials who have strayed from the straight and narrow.

“The good news is there are other state officials who will stand up and hold them accountable, who can handle a rogue governor.”

All that accountability has cost the taxpayers an estimated $895,000. An amount Zeigler believes Bentley should pay back.

“I had asked the prosecutors to include making him repay that as part of his plea bargain, but they did not.”

He’s currently looking at other options. Meanwhile, Senator Bill Hightower says he’s glad this issue is behind us so we can move forward–something he says the new governor is doing.

“She’s making the changes, she’s not shy about decision making and she’s doing a good job of it,” says Hightower.

Still, Zeigler maintains this issue has not tainted the good name of Alabama politics.

“We held him accountable, we held the speaker of the house accountable. And the system worked, that’s not a black eye on Alabama, that’s a good thing,” says Zeigler.

He believes former Attorney General, Luther Strange obstructed Bentley’s impeachment process.

Luther has since taken the place of Jeff Sessions as U.S. Senator, which is why Zeigler is calling on now Governor Kay Ivey to call a special election to replace him.

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