Two Shark Attacks within a Week in Jacksonville, Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FL (CNN) — Two shark attacks have been reported this week from Jacksonville, Florida.
17 year old Keanan Perry is recovering after a shark attack on Friday at noon while surfing at Hanna Park.
Perry described the attack from that afternoon.
       I was paddling in and I got off my board to see if I could stand to walk in. It was about chest height and was deeper than I expected.  I dropped down when my foot touched the sand.  Right when it touched the sand it (the shark) just latched and it was gone,” Perry says.
Perry knew right away he was being attacked by a shark and his first thought was to simply get away. He says the injury is about three inches deep in the back and will likely require a lot of stitches.
The bite may have tore his achilles tendon but Perry can still move his foot.  His injuries were not considered life-threatening.
Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is about 37 miles North of St. Augustine, Florida where the first attack happened.
The attack happened to surfer Kerry Keyton, who is recovering after surviving a shark attack on Wednesday.
Keyton says, “My legs were still in the water and I felt something hit me, and my foot felt like it has gone into like a hole of some kind.”
She jerked her foot out of the shark’s mouth and paddled back to shore.
 Keyton also stated, “when I got back in, this nice boy, he was like 13 or so, he helped me and I asked him to go call a lifeguard, because I thought I had been bitten by a shark.  I looked at my foot, and I saw it was kind of mangled looking and I knew it was a shark.”
She is recovering with almost 30 stitches in her foot and ankle. It will take her about six weeks to fully recover.
The Florida fish and wildlife commission says in Florida sharks typically move North and closer to shore in the spring and summer which explains why shark activity is at its peak off Florida’s coast from April to October.
That is also the same time more people are at the beach and in the water.

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