Carnival Cruise Update: Will Issues Affect Future Voyages?

UPDATE: 4:55 P.M.

We got an update late this afternoon that the propulsion system has been fixed and even though they were not able to make it to Cozumel, they will be able to get to Key West by midday tomorrow before returning to Mobile Monday.



Thursday, we saw the Carnival cruise ship Fantasy docked in Mobile Bay all day, unable to embark on their voyage because of a propulsion issue. We had several people calling today asking about whether the same problem would affect their upcoming cruises.

We received a written statement from Carnival last night that outlines the main issue. They told us the ship is having technical issues with its propulsion system which affects how fast the ship can go. This prevented them from making it to their destination, Cozumel Mexico, in time to stay on schedule. So instead, they spent a day out at sea. Passengers who decided to cancel got a full refund. Those who stayed on board got a 50% refund, a $50 onboard credit, plus a 50% discount on their next cruise.

This morning we reached out to Carnival asking about upcoming cruises and we’ve got some good news. Carnival says they do not expect any delays on future voyages. They’ve been very open and transparent so far in this situation. They say their technicians are working on the repairs and making good progress and they’ll let us know when those repairs are complete.

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