Veteran Whose Remains Were Found in a Suitcase Given Military Honors

A World War Two veteran, whose body was found in a suitcase, is finally at rest.

This after his remains were first desecrated, then finally returned to his family. He was honored with a motorcycle escort across five states. About two months ago, Air Force Veteran Robert brooks died of natural causes. However, his death took a bizarre turn when his body was found in what is believed to be a social security scheme.

Dozens of members of the Patriot Guard Riders arrived Tuesday afternoon at the Fort Jackson National Cemetery, completing a journey launched Sunday morning in Arkansas.

Pfc. Brooks would fly missions as a ball turret gunner on a B-17 bomber. Later, he lived out his life in Johnstown, New York until his death from natural causes earlier this year. What happened after that is unclear and under criminal investigation in connection with the arrests of four people. All four were tied, investigators say, to a scheme to sell Brooks’ possessions and use his identity to cheat social security. One that also led to Brooks’ body being stuffed into a suitcase and dumped on a barn in rural Arkansas.

“It’s been overwhelming. From the time I got the first call from the New York police, following all the way through. It’s hard to imagine and comprehend. It was almost like I was in denial that this terrible thing had happened to him,” said Brooks’ son Jay.  Pfc. brooks’ remains received a far more dignified treatment from the Patriot Guard Riders, escorting his ashes some 750 miles and reunifying them with his family. Rider and Vietnam veteran Gerald Head made the trip from Atkins, Arkansas just to honor a fellow veteran, “We really love our state and I just didn’t appreciate what happened. It’s not that, it’s him being a veteran and who he was.”

Brooks received a military honors service.His son says he and the family have been deeply touched by the show of support, for a man none of the riders knew.

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