Scambuster: Alleged Ringleader Of “IRS Scam” Arrested in India

Sagar thakkar arrested

Yes, it’s true– the king of the IRS scam has been dethroned!

It may be the most profitable and popular scam out there.

You remember the IRS scam… that recording you often get that says: “The reason of this scam is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you”.

“They’ll call and tell you that you owe back taxes, tell you they’re going to seize property, assets, passports, and basically scare you into making a payment without stopping to think,” says Sgt. Joe Mahoney with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

These wolves prey on your inexperience with government agencies. No one really understands how the IRS operates, which is why this scam works.

Just last October, Indian police raided call centers and arrested 70 people, plus another 20 people in the U.S. connected to the scheme. It’s estimated they stole at least $300 million from Americans.

The alleged ringleader, Sagar Thakker, just 24 years old, was reported to have been making $155,000 a day off of the scams. In an Indian news report, you can see him standing next to his luxury car.

But even with the ringleader out of the picture–

“That doesn’t mean let your guard down, because where one goes down, ten more pop up,” says Mahoney.

Thakker is now accused of extortion, cheating, impersonation, criminal conspiracy and violating India’s communication and tech laws. When he was arrested, he told police there were also banking, pharmacy, grant, and other scams spread across the country.

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