Gas Hike Moves In Alabama Legislature

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Members of the Alabama legislature appear ready to raise the state’s gas tax for the first time in roughly a quarter century.  A bill was recently passed out of committee that would raise the gasoline tax by nine cents a gallon over the next seven years.  The bill would raise the state’s gas tax by four cents this year, another two cents in 2019 and possibly another three cents in 2024 if passed again by the legislature.  Unsurprisingly most people don’t like to see their taxes go up.  

We work hard for our money, we go to work every day and the government keeps taking it from us,” said Robert Thorne of Mobile.  Most people I talked to this morning seem to agree. 

It’s not really fair you know people have to work and have a living so it’s not fair at all,” said Carolyn Jackson of Mobile.  Others are just resigned to take the hit.

“It’s life so it’s okay,” said Regina of Mobile.  The money would be split between local counties and ALDOT for road projects.  Alabama has relatively low gasoline taxes.  The Tax Foundation ranks the state 37th in the nation for its gas tax rate.  


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