City Burns Down Known Drug House in Prichard

A house in Prichard goes up in flames Wednesday afternoon, but it was set on purpose by firefighters. City officials say it’s part of an effort clean up Alabama Village.

The fire department got the all-clear to set it ablaze for a training exercise for their new firefighters.

City officials watched happily as the home on Joseph street went down.

Police officers say they it’s been a haven for all kinds of illegal activities from drugs to gambling.

The mayor says it’s a relief for the citizens and himself.

“Getting rid of this property for them and then they are excited, so with them being excited with what is happening with this property it could only have me feel the same way,” said Mayor Jimmy Gardner. “I am joyed that we are able to get in here and do the things that we do today which is remove this blight from the community and the other concerns associated with it.”

Gardner says the city was able to it with help from a $200,000 grant. He plans to burn more blighted properties in the near future.

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