The French Air Team Wows Pensacola Crowd

Pensacola is home to thousands of tourists every year, especially during the spring and summer months.

But today, 8 pilots with the French Air Force’s military flight demo team paid a special visit to Pensacola.

Naval aviation is a big part of Pensacola, especially the blue angels, but today they welcomed a special guest.

Hundreds of people as far as the eye could see packed in the viewing area to see our eight French guests hit the sky right outside the naval aviation museum in Pensacola.

The Arrington family, who make it a tradition to see the Blues, were in for something new.

“We really were surprised that the French national team was here and that it was something different,” says Cindy Arrington.

The team of eight flew over the crowd, giving aviation fans something new; it’s exactly what the Arringtons say they needed.

“Some of it looked simple and it’s not, such as:  they had the two planes coming towards each other, and then they both shifted positions. If you make an error, that’s going to be it,” says Neil Arrington.

Similar death defying stunts, executed with precision, just like the Blue Angels, but the French show was a little bit more artistic than the Blues, this crowd doesn’t seem to mind.

“Different planes, quiet, slower it seemed, and a lot of different formations, different than what we are used to;  more aerobatic,” says Cindy Arrington.

Keeping the crowd interested, but always ready to welcome in their beloved Blues.


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