Possible Shark Sighting in Gulf Shores Goes Viral

Kenneth Allen Clark, was just hanging out with a friend, to check on beach property, and he didn’t expect for the pictures he took for fun to go viral.

But the pictures of a shark, has people nervous about entering the Gulf.

“It’s a little bit frightening, honestly,” says one beach goer.

“I’m not getting in the ocean, I’m too scared,” says another beach goer.

“It could be really dangerous,” says a beach goer.

It’s the same reaction, as people hear about a shark sighting on Gulf Shores beach last week.

Take a look at the pictures for yourself.

Kenneth Clark posted them while visiting a friend, but he says, the pictures going viral is not what he expected.

“There was a shark and he was just staying along the edge, right in about three or four foot of water for a good period of time.”

He says it was about noon, which concerns him because typically sharks are looking for food, in the dawn and dusk times of the day.

He says although people were staying out of the water, they were trying to warn another man to get out.

“Everybody was hollering, we were hollering at the beach at the motel, everybody on the beach was hollering at this guy, and it was headed towards him, and it didn’t get close enough for anything to look like it was fixing to happen.”

And although nothing did happen this time, beach goers are still being cautious.

“It makes me not want to be in the water, but I will probably go anyway,” says Chapel Hunt.

“Well I mean it makes me nervous for the ones who go out there and swim, so, but I hope it all works out for them,” says Massie Holley-Camp.

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