News 5 Goes in Search Of The “Love Bench” — Is This It?

This is one of three benches in the mansion courtyard

MONTGOMERY, AL (WKRG) — Could it be? Is this the now infamous “Love Bench?” mentioned in the impeachment report of former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley?

According to the report, Bentley and his alleged mistress, Rebekah Mason, would meet often on a bench on the grounds of the Governor’s mansion. Staffers had come to name it the “Love Bench.” It was one of the first outward signs of an affair.

WKRG went in search of the now notorious bench the day after Bentley resigned.  The bench described in the report as “a bench in a courtyard garden in a corner of the grounds, in full view of office windows, where Governor Bentley and Mason would sit together.”

We found three benches in that area. Two are standard park benches, utilitarian, plain, while one stands out. It’s an ornate white bench, nestled under the shade of a large tree.

In the photo taken by WKRG staff, you can clearly see windows that look out onto the bench. We do not have confirmation that this indeed is THE “love Bench,” but it certainly seems the most likely candidate of the three. When we snapped a photo, a little bird was even perched on the pretty bench…maybe a love bird?

We may never know for certain which is the actual “Love Bench,” but if you would like to read more about exactly what happened with it, the full report is below.

One of three benches in the garden
One of three benches in the garden





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