Local Lawmakers Weigh In On Bentley Impeachment Investigation

Alabama lawmakers from the gulf coast are sharing their reactions to the 130 page impeachment investigation of Governor Robert Bentley.  Both Representatives have said they believe Bentley should step down before, but now with the investigation proceeding, they think Bentley leaving office will happen one way or another.

“I’m very saddened by Governor Robert Bentley, that he would not step down, ya know?” said Jack Williams, State Representative for District 102 in Mobile county.  He’s one of two Representatives we spoke with that are finished waiting.

“Our people of Alabama deserve better,” said Rep. David Sessions, from District 105.

They’ve waited for a resolution for more than a year.  “It’s been delayed and delayed and now, it’s coming up,” Williams said.

Monday morning, impeachment proceedings will continue in Montgomery.  For Representative Sessions, it’s another day Alabama will make headline for the wrong reasons.

“I just… hate to see our state continue to go through this type of bad publicity,” Rep. Sessions said.  “There’s some things that are very very disturbing in it.  That’s about all I can say.”

After taking the weekend to go through the report, lawmakers are hoping Governor Bentley will admit his faults rather than continue denying he did anything wrong.

“I would hope and pray, especially this being a Sunday morning, that our people would really look at it and pray for Governor Bentley and his family and plead with Governor Bentley to step down rather than go through with all these proceedings,” said Rep. Williams.  “That’s going to embarrass our state, the governor and his family.”

News 5 spoke with one local state senator as well who declined to comment about impeachment, saying any perception of bias might get a state senator taken out of a potential trial in the senate.

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