30th Annual Baldwin County Strawberry Festival Underway

Strawberry shortcake is in high demand this weekend at the 30th Annual Baldwin County Strawberry Festival.

Loxley, AL (WKRG) – I know it’s kind of cliche to say but you could categorize this weekend as “chamber of commerce style” weather at the first day of the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival.  A great day weather-wise usually leads to a great turnout at the festival and this year’s festival starting a little bit earlier than usual with something a little bit different.  The first Strawberry Festival 5k put together by Loxley Church.  

“We wanted to do something to cooperate with our community and we thought, you know what instead of doing our own thing let’s work together with something existing and we know the Strawberry Festival’s a great cause,” said Youth Pastor Ory Hampton.  Meanwhile, I also caught a glimpse of some of the vendors setting up for what would hopefully be a good day of making money.

It’s a great show, we always come together and have a great time, if the weather is great, we always have a good show,” said Phyllis Parks with PJ Studios.  This is the 30th Baldwin County Strawberry Festival.  Organizers say it started as something small that’s grown into something big for the region.

“So the folks at Loxley Elementary and Baldwin ARC got together and said ‘let’s put a little festival together in downtown Loxley’ and over time it’s just grown and grown and grown to what it is today,” said the Chairman of the Baldwin County Strawberry Festival Greg Walker.   

So if you head south on Highway 59 from the Interstate just be aware there could be slow traffic from people heading to the festival.  

News 5’s Chad Petri will have more at 6 and 10 on WKRG News 5.

The festival started with a 5k organized by Loxley Church.
There were plenty of strawberry shortcakes to be had.
Good weather makes for good crowds at outdoor festivals
There are plenty of strawberries for sale too.

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