AG Keeping Distance From Bentley Situation

Alabama’s chief prosecutor is keeping his distance from all things involved with Governor Robert Bentley.

Steve Marshall was in Mobile Thursday, one day after the State Ethics Commission found probable cause that Bentley broke ethics and campaign finance laws relating to his scandal involving Rebekah Mason.

Numerous state officials have since called for Bentley to resign. Marshall says he has no opinion on the matter.

“I have no advice for the Governor at all. I don’t know the circumstances or the nature of the facts that have been used against him obviously that is a decision that he has to make between him and his council.”

Marshall’s office is running a separate investigation surrounding in possible criminal wrongdoing by the Governor. However, Marshall has recused himself from the case.

“The timeline is really is subject to those investigators and prosecutors looking at it. I am sure that they understand the urgency of the matter and that they will handle this professionally like they would anything else,” said Marshall.

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