Three People Struck by Lightning in Navarre

According to the National Weather Service, three have been struck by lightning in Navarre.

Two people suffered injuries after lightning struck their facility on Health Care Drive while they were using phone lines. According to Santa Rosa County officials, they have both been transported to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center in stable condition.

A third person, who is 18, was also reported to have been struck while sitting in a metal chair, and later went to the emergency room for medical attention.

Dr. Paul Glisson, the Chief Medical Officer at Baptist East Hospital, said most lightning strikes are indirect.

“They are treated like a minor electrical burn,” Dr. Glisson said.  “Same as if you touched an electrical wire in your house.

It’s possible to be indirectly struck by lightning and feel just fine, but Dr. Glisson recommends always going to the emergency room.

“Say you’re struck by lightening and you’re wondering… should I go to the doctor or not?  The answer is yes,” Dr. Glisson said.  “There can be internal injuries to your body from that.  One thing we see if muscle injury from lightning strikes and that causes your body to release myoglobin which comes out through your urine and could cause kidney failure. So, in the emergency department, we do check urine levels for myoglobin to make sure there are no internal injuries as well.”

The father of the 18-year-old boy called News 5’s Hayley Minogue late Wednesday evening to tell her more about what happened.  He said his son was sitting on a metal barstool inside their home, eating lunch, when the house was struck.  He said his son, Joey, felt a zap and saw a flash, then felt some tingling sensations in his arm.  Joey visited the emergency room and is fine, just getting some much-needed rest.






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