Mobile Pain Doctor Ordered to Jail

Patrick Couch was convicted of overprescribing narcotics and healthcare fraud in February, 2017.

A Mobile pain doctor, convicted of overprescribing potent narcotics to hundreds of patients, has been ordered to jail.

Dr. Patrick Couch had been allowed to remain at home because of a medical condition following his conviction in Federal Court.  But recently District Court Judge Ginny Grenade found evidence that Couch had violated the terms of his release and ordered him to jail until sentencing.

Couch was convicted in February of overprescribing pain medicine and healthcare fraud, along with Dr. Xiulu Ruan.  They were convicted on 19 of 20 counts against them that also included mail and wire fraud.  They face decades in prison.

Ruan was immediately ordered to jail and remains at the Baldwin County Jail.  Couch was placed in Mobile Metro Jail.

Sentencing is set for May 25th.

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