Mobile County on Standby for More Storms

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
It feels like it did on Monday and once again, we’re urging people not to be complacent. That’s what worries agencies like the Red Cross. When there is multiple rounds of severe weather so close together, it creates a worry that people could get complacent.

Just because most of the area got through Monday relatively unscathed doesn’t mean something bad won’t happen today. Everybody hopes of course that nothing bad happens and we can all go on about our day.

Of course, officials with the Red Cross will be communicating with other branches and local EMS departments to make sure supplies shelters and services are ready when they’re needed. We’re all on standby. Just some reminders, don’t go out driving in severe weather if you don’t have to. For goodness sake, if you do drive in the rain, turn your headlights on.

We will keep an eye on things. News 5’s Chad Petri will be live at the American Red Cross in Mobile this morning on News 5 this morning but will move in the event severe weather strikes elsewhere.

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