Live Traffic Update: Busy Morning for Traffic Today

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) 9:00 Update:

9:00AM:  Looking at your traffic as we’re going to the 9 o’clock hour,  looking good there on Highway 90.  It was closed earlier there in the Grand Bay Area but has since been opened so no more delay there. Mobile Police only reporting to accidents including Halls Mill Road in front of Walmart and Moffett and Howells Ferry, both of those just fender benders.  No problems right now coming down I-65,  looking good into the downtown Mobile area and no problems on the Bayway or Causeway at this time.

8:30AM Traffic Update:  It’s been a busy morning as far as traffic goes, we’ve got an accident now and the Fairhope area on Highway 181 just north of County Road 32. The Bayway and Causeway moving along pretty with no problems to the tunnels. But in Mobile a number of accidents including still closed they’re on Highway 90 in Grand Bay there between Grand Bay Wilmer Road and Ramsey Road. Demetropolis at Highway 90. A report of a tree in the roadway there at Bellingrath Road and Industrial Road in the last few minutes. Mobile police on the scene of accients without intjuries including Halls Mill Road in front of Walmart.  North bound I-65 between Moffet and Highway 45.  Airport Boulevard and Schillinger Road South.  Also also Airport eastbound to I-65 Southbound and Moffett Road and Halls Ferry. Be careful through all of these areas.

7:55 Traffic Update: Continuing to update you morning commute, those forecasted thunderstorms are starting to make their way through our area including through Central Baldwin County where we’ve had an accident there southbound Highway 59.  They’re just north of County Road 55 in Loxley delays are happening there.  We’re looking good  on the bay-way and Causeway. In mobile number of accidents including Northbound I-65 between Moffett and Highway 45, Grelot and front of the library there just west of University, Airport Boulevard East bound to I-65 Southbound ramp, Mobile police working these accidents. All of them just fender benders.  Highway Patrol the scene of accident in Demotropolis and Highway 90, Highway 158 and Joyce Road there in the Saraland area also Highway 90 is still closed in Grand Bay between Grand Bay Wilmer Road in Ramsey Road from an earlier accident had a new one in Fairhope on Highway 181 just north of County Road 32

7:20 Traffic Update: Updating your morning commute we’ve seen some thunderstorms starting to pop up in Baldwin County.  It’s going to affect your morning commute especially along I-10 there through Central Baldwin County and over towards the Eastern Shore causing some wet driving conditions so be careful.  In the Mobile area we’re looking good on the bayway and Causeway and no problems right now through the tunnels. Highway Patrol headed the scene of an accident Highway 158 and Joyce Avenue in the Saraland area two vehicles are involved. They’re still in the scene from an earlier accident on highway 90 there between Ramsey and Grand Bay Wilmer Road. Highway 90 continues to be closed in that area with two separate accidents involving injuries.

6:55AM Traffic Update: Still looking good for your morning commute crossing the Bayway and Causeway were accident free there. No problems along the Eastern Shore tour through either tunnel. In the Grand Bay Area we do have an accident there on Highway 90 between Ramsey and Grand Bay Wilmer Road, it’s near Moses Lane and actually has Highway 90 shut down with two separate accidents involving injuries so make Way for emergency vehicles there.  beyond that a new fender bender there airport and Schillinger South, expect some delays there.  No delays coming down I-65.

6:30AM:  Not a bad-looking start right now if you need to take the Bayway or Causeway over the next few minutes. Both of them moving along pretty well. On the Eastern Shore and through both tunnels moving along nicely. No accidents coming down I-65 right now.  In Grand Bay though we do have an accident there on Mose Lane there near Highway 90 that’s basically between Ramsey and Grand Bay Wilmer road. That area has two different accidents including a pickup truck hitting a horse and then behind an accident with two cars and that one involves injuries so Highway 90 is closed in that area for a little while as they try and get that taken care of. Beyond that no other problems in our area.


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