Alabama Ethics Commission Rules Against Alabama Governor Robert Bentley

Governor Robert Bentley and Senior Political Advisor Rebekah Mason.

“There is cause to hold that honorable Robert Bentley, Governor of the state of Alabama has violated the Alabama ethics law.”

Four complaints filed and after eight hours of testimony, rebuttals and deliberation, the same result.

State Auditor Jim Ziegler pleased with the results, “One step closer to holding Governor Bentley accountable.” He filed one of the complaints accusing the governor of using state resources to pursue a relationship with former senior political adviser Rebekah Mason.

The commission also found probable cause that Bentley violated the Fair Campaign Practices Act by accepting loans and campaign contributions past the deadline for candidates to do so. Corrections officer Stacy George ran against Bentley for governor. “He needs to go out of office immediately so he loses power. He has to leave they have to impeach.”

Bentley’s attorney William Athanas reacted to the findings. “This is not a finding of a violation, it is a finding of probable cause which is one of the lowest in the standards that we apply in these cases. There is a great distance between probable cause and beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The Montgomery County District Attorney will now take over the investigation and possible prosecution of the Governor.

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