Mobile Red Cross Moving Major Services Under One Roof

Mobile, AL (WKRG) – The American Red Cross is consolidating and moving its blood services out of its location on Demetropolis Road.  It may be surprising to see this building on Sage being renovated since it just opened a few years ago.

That’s what’s happening right now at the American Red Cross main office building on Sage Avenue in Mobile and the construction is going on right now. What they are doing is making room for blood donation services. Those services have been at the facility on Demetropolis Road for more than a decade and officials at the Red Cross say that wasn’t an efficient system and they want to have both their emergency response operations and blood donations all under one roof.  

“When you have separate locations, the right-hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, and you have multiple communications and it’s confusing, it can be confusing,” said Executive Director of the South Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross Mike Brown.  

It will be the first time these services have been under one roof since 2003.  Renovations will continue until next month.  They hope to wrap up all this work by April and move blood services in by May.  Brown said the money they save by moving out of the current location at Demetropolis will pay for these renovations in 2-3 years.  The building is a large, eye-catching place that was a gift from the Kuwaiti government.  

“When we were working on Hurricane Katrina out of that building [downtown on Broad Street] it was inadequate, we did a great job providing services, and the Kuwaiti government acknowledged it and that’s why they donated this building,” said Brown.  They installed a wall in the storage area to keep the area for supplies and blood climate controlled.  Emergency operations have been moved to the second floor.  The new renovations also include what will be the state’s largest immunohematology reference lab.  That’s a lab that tests donor and patient blood.  



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