Hail, Flooding and Rain Mark Mobile County Through Monday’s Storms

Larry Posey shows us some of the damage around Citronelle.

Semmes, AL (WKRG)

If you were driving around Mobile County during Monday morning’s storm you were likely to see a lot of this.  There was a lot of rain.  

“Some thunder and lightning out there in Wilmer where I live and that’s about it and hail, for a brief moment I’d say a good size,” said John Orth from Wilmer.  Hail was eye catching too.  Viewers sent us pictures and videos of the tiny frozen pebbles pelting homes around the Semmes and Wilmer areas.  The worst damage we saw was around Citronelle, viewers sent us pictures of downed trees including one tree that fell on a truck.  While the weather was intense for awhile a lot of people were putting Monday’s problems in perspective.  

“It’s better than that white stuff they have up north, but I’ll be glad when it’s over today,” said Orth with a smile.  Overall people believe the Mobile County area weathered the storm well even though it was a little touch and go in the beginning.

“What was scary was coming out this morning and the sky being yellow and I’ve had a lot of friends say the same thing but it’s been okay,” said Angie Howard as she filled up her vehicle with gas in West Mobile.  

Stephen Sandal sent us this picture from Semmes putting the hail in perspective
Shane Gunn shared this Snap chat screen grab where a tree has crushed a truck in Citronelle
Larry Posey shared this picture of a tree blocking a driveway in Citronelle.

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