Videos From TX To MS Show Damaging Storms Headed Our Way

A suspected tornado toppled a mobile home near Lafayette, Louisiana on Sunday, killing a mother and her 3-year-old daughter inside, police said. Heavy rains, slashing winds, and hail as large as ping-pong balls hammered homes and vehicles from Texas to Mississippi

Moist air ,  more typical of August than April  could bring flash floods with as much as 2 inches of rain falling an hour and strong tornadoes remained a risk into Sunday night.

In Dallas, about 40,000 basketball fans had to make new plans  after the threat of violent storms forced NCAA officials to cancel all outdoor events ahead of Sunday Night’s  Women’s championship game.

Worshippers at the real life church in Chesapeake, Virginia, meanwhile, had to find a new place to pray today  after a tornado tore through on Friday.

Further north, April fool’s day snowstorms were no joke from Massachusetts to Maine where more than a foot fell.

The same storm system that hit Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi  is set to hit the News 5 viewing area Monday morning. Stay tuned to News 5 on air, at on our apps, and on Facebook and Twitter to stay ahead of the storms and stay safe.

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