Gulf Shores Police Continue Investigating Shots Fired at Public Beach

Gulf Shores, AL (WKRG)

Gulf Shores Police are still looking for suspects after a fight leads to gunfire at a popular tourist spot in Gulf Shores.  No one was hurt Saturday night.  Incidents like this are extremely rare for tourists.  This was the scene Saturday night.  Gulf Shores police and others were responding to a report of shots fired at the public beach somewhere between the Hangout and Pink Pony.  Gulf Shores Police say a group got into a fight at 11:30 and one or more of them fired a number of shots into the air.  Things were back to normal and everyone I talked to was surprised it even happened.

“It don’t need to be down here, plain and simple,” said Sally Bear from Foley.  No suspects have been identified and people we spoke with said they’re happy this appears to be an isolated incident.

“This is rare down here I mean we’re a very peaceful family oriented place, this just doesn’t happen,” said German Moran from Bon Secour.  In an e-mail exchange with News 5 Gulf Shores Police Detective Jason Woodruff said he didn’t know what the fight was about but in his words, it was “probably something foolish I’m sure.”  While no one we spoke with said the incident at all affected their plans for the day, spokesmen with the Hangout complained to News 5 that the coverage of the incident was affecting their business Sunday.  

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