Scambuster: Don’t Be Fooled By Text Messages From Crooks

scam text messages

Getting unwanted text messages from scammers is not fun. For the past few months, I’ve been a victim of unsolicited text messages from someone claiming to be able to repair my credit, which in itself can be a scam.

“Businesses that claim they can repair your credit are basically playing off of people’s fears,” says Tyloria Crenshaw with the Better Business Bureau.

But more than that, I was mad at all the texts I kept getting. I never respond, but I get as many as three a day.

“Never respond to a text message from a scammer or from someone you don’t know,” says Sgt. Joe Mahoney with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

That can lead to even more text messages, and furthermore, they could be harmful to your phone or computer.

“A lot of times, these text messages will contain a link to a virus or to malware that will infect your phone so they can get your personal information,” says Mahoney.

And in fact, soliciting through text messages is illegal in the U-S.

“It might wind up costing you money, if you don’t have a text message package on your phone, that’s why it’s illegal for them to send you these unsolicited text messages,” says Mahoney.

You can block the number that these texts or calls come from, but the problem with that is scammers always find another number to hide behind.

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