Bible College Run by Saraland Native Devastated by Peruvian Flooding

Picture courtesy Gloria Williams. It shows the damage inside of a building at the Baptist Bible Seminary in Lima.

Lima, Peru (WKRG)

The country of Peru is still reeling from history flooding that’s left nearly 100 people dead in the last week.  One of the places hit hard by flooding is the Bible Baptist Seminary in Lima.  It’s a place run by a couple with strong ties to the gulf coast.  Days of torrential rain have brought dramatic video and also heavily damaged a Baptist Seminary.  

Oliver and Gloria Williams are part of a team that runs the seminary.  It’s a job they’ve been doing for nearly 50 years.  Oliver is originally from the Saraland area, I spoke with both of them via FaceTime.

“We lost our chapel building, we lost our shop and one of the classrooms,” said Director of the Baptist Bible Seminary Oliver Williams.  In all, it’s more than $120,000 worth of damage.  The flooding started last Friday.  The rain’s gradually subsided and people jumped in immediately to help with recovery the moment there was trouble.  

“We’ve had as many as 350 people out over several days, build up, make a defense and start cleaning up,” said Williams.  On the outside, you can see the building facade crumble, inside it looks worse, but the seminary and volunteers are working hard to put things back together and they’re thankful no one was seriously hurt.

“Little by little just get things cleaned up and look for a new normal,” said Gloria Williams.  For updates on progress, you can check their facebook page.  They’ve asked any donations be sent to Baptist Bible Fellowship in Springfield Missouri or the Wilson Avenue Baptist Church in Saraland.  The link to disaster relief for the Peru mission can be found here.  

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