Ask Danny: Countertops

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

You can find home improvement answers anytime at Danny Lipford’s website.  Here’s a look at what we talked about this morning:

Chad:  Danny is there any way to paint a Formica countertop?

Danny:  Oh boy, did we ever get a lot of those questions because people were trying to do something to their kitchens.  A lot if it is you know plastic laminate, the Formica type tops, there are ugly ones back a few years ago.

Chad:  And if you don’t maintain it even after a while it can look ugly regardless.

Danny:  There are amazing transformations that are available out there.  Actually, I had one that was a baby blue and it was ugly.  And we used a product called Gianni, Gianni granite refinishing systems; it only cost $70 to do this entire bathroom.  It’s basically a weekend project because you’re doing a little bit of sanding and you’re putting some black primer on it to dry.  Then you get some little paper plates that you put the special paint that they provide you the finishing on it and then a sea sponge, and you’re actually creating that granite look on there and it sounds hokey, but if you go into my house and look at it, you’ll be tapping on it to see if it’s real granite or if it’s not.  That’s a great way to go also Rustoleum has a number of countertop paints as well as refinishing systems and it works.  We’ve used it many, many times and at my place, it’s held up very, very well.

Chad:  Would the Rustoleum take less time than the granite process.

Danny:  well yes, um there’s several different types there some of it is just strictly paint that is going to require you to do a little sanding a little priming and then you just paint over it.  Yes, that will take a lot less time and also if you have some chips here and there and some divots here and there you’re able to basically fill that in with automobile body filler or bond-o. You can take just a little bit of that and surface it out sand it, paint it.  Nobody will know that you didn’t put in brand new counter tops.  Tell them you put new countertops in, what the heck.

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