State Report Says Mobile Co. Animal Shelter is “Model Facility”

The Mobile County Animal Shelter has passed its state health review with flying colors. Shelter officials released the report today. The facility is considered a model facility, in terms of cleanliness, health of the animals, and the condition of the kennels. The shelter was evaluated by the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners on March 10th.

Carmelo Miranda is the County Humane Officer. He says they have reduced the euthanasia rate substantially, because of their constant outreach to those in the rescue community to pull the dogs. He says, for example, that they had to euthanize nearly 5,000 dogs and cats in 2013. Now that number is closer to 600 per year. Beth Jones is the Shelter Adoption Coordinator. She says rescue groups are extremely helpful in moving dogs out. “We reach out to them with a daily email, and if we have one that comes in that is breed specific, we will reach out to them directly as well.”

If you are looking to adopt, through April 7th, Mobile County commissioner Connie Hudson’s district will cover the adoption fees for dogs that are one year or older.

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