Friends Calling for Justice Following Prichard Murder

Not much remains from the scene where Dharon Jackson was found shot to death.

Prichard, AL (WKRG)

A woman kneels on Clark Avenue in Prichard near the spot where, last night, 21-year-old Dharon Jackson was found shot to death inside a car–near the intersection of Clark and Wilson Avenues. She asked me not to show her face.

“We need justice for somebody who never did nothing to nobody,” said the woman who knew Jackson.  Hardly anything remains of the Saturday night scene, apart from a crumpled pile of police tape on the curb. The woman I spoke with didn’t know how her friend ended up dead.

“He’s very nice, he wasn’t a bad guy,” she added.  The murder happened near the main drag in Prichard. People nearby expressing some worry.  “We want all our neighborhoods to be safe for people to be able to enjoy when they move around, that’s very disturbing to hear that happened and we need to do more to keep our community safe,” said Reginald Muhammad.

Prichard Police say Saturday night Jackson was found shot to death in a car that hit the side of a building on Clark Avenue. Anyone with information is asked to contact them.  This was Prichard’s third murder of the year. Just a few days ago Prichard Police and US Marshals helped arrest a man in Prichard’s first murder of 2017 after a month-long search.

A friend provided this picture of the victim to News 5.

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