Ask Danny: Garden Window

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Danny Lipford joins us to talk about garden window repair.  For more information on just about anything in home improvement, explore Today’s  Here’s a rough transcript of what we talked about:

Chad:  This question, not for everyone because when it comes to windows they can be complicated.  This person asks:  We have a garden window.  When it rains we get water inside the window, nothing runs down the sides but there’s always a little puddle in the bottom.  Can’t figure it out what can you do?

Danny:  Boy those garden windows were so popular especially right in the kitchen, you can have the feeling of a little more space in your kitchen and the plants there, they’re pretty nice.  I don’t know as popular as they used to be.  But, what you need to do, is you need to get on the outside, look very carefully at any little track that you may have because there’s a lot of little areas there where water should get in and drain out.  So it’s more or less like a little miniature gutter system if you will, that needs to be cleaned out all the time.  So if you’re getting some water inside it may be that simply needs a very good cleaning I would be careful with any pressure washing or anything along those lines but just a good cloth and a good soapy solution is probably all you need to clean everything you have there.  After it’s cleaned look real carefully and if you see any type of crack whatsoever on it use a good quality silicone and put a little bit of caulking here, a little bit of caulking there in order to fill in any of those cracks it’s probably the result of a little bit of settling.  Seal those up and you’ll seal away all of the water getting inside.

Chad:  If you want to add a garden window to your home how do you know whether or not you have the appropriate wall or spot for it?

Danny:  Well just measure carefully, there are a lot of different sizes and you don’t want to compromise on the size of it and you’ll find one that fits just about any of the common windows that are available.  It’s probably a pretty tough do it yourself project you are obligating yourself to the elements when you take a certain window out.  Most of the garden windows do require the window to be completely removed, it’s a very important component in your home so that’s probably something better left to the pros.

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