NEWS 5 INVESTIGATES: Why Deputy Allegedly Caught Buying Drugs isn’t Charged Yet

Throughout the week, several of our viewers have asked us why the Mobile County Sheriff’s deputy fired for allegedly buying drugs, has not been arrested and charged with anything, so we went to the District Attorney’s office for answers.

“Just because he has a badge or carries a gun, that does not make him immune from the law,” Chief Assistant  Deborah Tillman said. “Sometimes it just takes time. We need law enforcement to bring us a full and complete investigation and we want them to do that.”

As of Friday, the DA’s office still hasn’t received the information they need to move forward. Defense lawyer and former Assistant District Attorney Buzz Jordan said the timeline doesn’t raise any red flags in his opinion.

“It’s not unusual. You never know what the investigation involves. They still may want to make more arrests and if they announce the arrest early, then the other people who might be involved might scramble or leave town or something like that,” Jordan said.

That lines up with what we were told by the Mobile County Sheriff’s spokesperson earlier in the week.

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the information is handed over to the District Attorney’s office, but the longer it takes, the worse it looks to the public, who hold law enforcement officers to a high standard.


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