Body Pulled From Alabama River in Baldwin County

Alabama River at Dixie Landing
A body recovered in Baldwin County on the Alabama River.

A fisherman found a body in the Alabama River just after noon just around the bend from Dixie Landing in Little River. The discovery brought search crews and investigators from three counties.

Clarke County Sheriff Ray Norris says based on the description of the clothes, he is 99 percent sure the remains are that of Anita Boman. She has been missing from Washington County since February 26th. Two weeks ago, her car was found submerged at Gainestown Landing up the river.

Investigators had pinged Boman’s cell phone to lead them to the landing in Clarke County. The phone was found inside the car along with her purse. Sheriff Norris says the force of the car hitting the water blew the windshield out and the driver’s window was also down.

The remains found Friday afternoon were about 20 miles downstream from where Boman’s car was found.

Still, investigators are not ready to say the missing person’s case is solved. They had not even notified Boman’s family about the discovery. Sheriff Norris says they were waiting until they’re sure of the identity.

The remains were taken to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences where they will try and positively identify the remains and find out how they died.

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