Corporations Look to Aid Struggling Bee Populations

Cheerios, the famous cereal brand has started a campaign called #BringBackTheBees. They are offering free wildflower seeds to help promote better environment for honey bees.

Honey bee populations have taken big hits over the last few years. Last year alone about 44% of bee colonies collapsed.

Without bee populations we would struggle to survive. 1 of 3 bites of food you eat most likely was made possible because of the pollination of bees.

Currently there are a lot of things going against the bees, but one thing recently has been the spraying of mosquitoes. While it might help cut back the transmission of viruses, there is no way to protect bees from the harmful spray.

Also, closer to home local bee keeper James Burford has seen the decline of bee populations. “We need to save as many bees we can at this point”.

Cheerios original goal was to give out 100 million wildflower seeds and they have already exceeded that. They are still offering wildflower seeds and are looking to give out a billion or more.

Thanks to the Admiral Hotel & Burford and Son’s Beekeeping for making this story possible.

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