MPD: Woman Escapes Kidnapper Threatening to Kill Her

Richard Batty led to jail

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — Mobile Police say a woman was able to escape with her life when a man allegedly kidnapped her at gunpoint.

News 5 is told it happened just after 8 o’clock Wednesday morning. The woman tells police she was sitting in her car in the 4600 block of Canal Circle West when 29-year-old Richard Batty, a man she reportedly knew, pulled her out at gunpoint.

The victim told police Batty forced her into his vehicle at gunpoint and said that “he was taking her to go kill her.” However, she jumped out of the car when it slowed and ran for help at a gas station.

Batty, police say, took off. But they caught up with him Thursday morning and arrested him on the following charges: kidnapping, domestic violence, violation of a protection order, marijuana and possession charges, and carrying a pistol without a permit.





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