Financial Aid Approved for Hattiesburg Tornado Relief

January 21 is when severe storms and tornadoes affected Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. After the President declared this as a major disaster, financial aid is now on the way.

The total number is $3 million dollars that will go in assistance to individuals and households. Both FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) & MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency) will be where the money comes from.

Nearly $2.2 million will come from FEMA and this will go towards housing assistance. The rest of the $850,000 is from MEMA and FEMA and will go to other needs of assistance to help with the cost of disaster expenses.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has also approved more than $5.5 million in low interest disaster loans to those effected to help rebuild and cover costs needed to recover.

The registration deadline is only about 10 days away as the deadline is March 27 for survivors who have not registered with FEMA. March 27 is also the deadline for the low interest loans provided by the SBA.

For more information, the link to MEMA’s article can be found here:

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