Spring Breakers Chill Out on Pensacola Beach

Spring break is in full swing on Pensacola Beach!  Spring breakers have their coolers and swimsuits.  They also have their sweaters, sweatpants, and scarves.  The cold weather is having an impact on spring breakers, but businesses say it’s no big deal.

“I was expecting to get a really nice tan, and hang out at night,” said Molly Rice, who is vacationing from Oklahoma.  “Spring break is like a tease for summer, so I was hoping for it to be really nice”

Her group of friends is celebrating their last day on Pensacola Beach before heading back home.  One vacationer told me he felt like he wasted his money.

“We came on spring break to Florida and we were expecting it to be really warm,” said Auston McFarland.  “Then we got here, cause we’re from Oklahoma, and it was the same weather as Oklahoma. So it’s kind of depressing, honestly.”

Another group down visiting from Auburn and Duke Universities didn’t pack the right kind of clothes for this beach trip.

“It’s kind of hard mixing sweater clothes with beach clothes,” said Kolapo Aluko, from Durham, North Carolina.  “We’re just surviving. It looks nice so at least in the pictures, we can pretend that it was really warm.”

Beach businesses say drink specials, like $5 all you can drink, bring spring breakers through the doors.

“These kids are down here for a week,” said Ronald Browder, from The Dock.  “And it really doesn’t matter, they’re here. Down here at The Dock, it’s awesome every night.”

Temperatures aren’t great early in the week, but by the weekend, things are going to be heating up for the next wave of spring breakers.

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