Last Freeze of the Season? Cover Your Plants

Tonight we are expecting temperatures to dip into the thirties. Many people are worried about their plants, but the co-owner of a brand new nursery in Semmes says, your plants will be ok…only if you protect them! Blane Stokley is the co-owner of Garden Express. It sits right on Highway 98 in Semmes. They have moved all their annuals inside to get through this cold night.

Stokley says if your annuals are in pots, bring them inside. The garage is even fine. If your plants are already in the ground, you definitely need to cover them, but he says make sure you elevate the plastic. You don’t want it to touch the plant. It needs to look more like a tent. “You want to bring it off the plant. If the plastic touches the plants, it will still burn the blooms or foliage on the plants.” As far as a large area that cannot be covered, Stokley recommends watering it tonight, and waking up early before the sun comes up to water it again. That will wash all the frost off.  If you have any questions, call Garden Express at 929-9353.

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