“It’s tough, It really is,” Foley Firefighter’s Son Fighting Cancer

Used by permission: Cody Carraway Facebook

“He’s sleeping pretty good right now. With all his pappy’s.”

They say miracles happen all the time at St. Jude’s Hospital. If that’s true, 15-month-old Easton Carraway could use one. “He’s hanging in there,” says Dad Cody Carraway. “Chemo is pretty brutal but he’s got a little appetite back and he’s even talking a little bit.”

Dad Cody Carraway and his Mom Khalee Salter have been right by his side the last two weeks after getting the devastating diagnosis. “Unfortunately, this is what it is. A large tumor in his pelvic area that’s spread into surrounding muscle tissue and both lungs.”

As a Foley firefighter, Cody is trained to save lives and property. But with his little boy, he is at the mercy of the doctors and the medicine. “It’s hard to watch your baby that was a couple weeks ago running around the house. A normal baby fighting for his life now, with tubes and wires hanging from him. It’s tough, it really is.”

Fire departments from around the country and especially in Baldwin County are raising money, collecting cards and donations to help the young family. “We’re going to be here a while, not sure the duration at this point. It depends on how the cancer reacts to treatment but we’re here for the long-haul. We are going to be here by his side as long as that takes.”

Donations can be dropped off at City Hall in Foley and just about any fire department in Baldwin County; Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Daphne, Fairhope. The first batch of donations is headed to Memphis on Friday.

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