Bomb Scare Forces Dozens to Evacuate Pensacola Motel

Things are fairly quiet at the Key West Inn on Highway 29 in Pensacola today, but the tone was much different last night when a bomb threat called into law enforcement.

For customers who were staying at the hotel, it made them nervous.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh my goodness, we got to get up out of here,’” says one customer.

“The police come knocking on the door, saying everyone has to evacuate the building, and I don’t know what’s going on but one guy had told me that he had found something in one of the rooms,” says Raven Stevenson customer at the Key West Inn. “Next thing you know, someone had made a homemade bomb.”

Stevenson is visiting on vacation. He says the people who were with him are still shaken up, so he decided to stay somewhere else. He adds that other customers were panicked.

“Most customers were scared and were like it was unacceptable,” says Stevenson.

Management says the bomb scare turned out to be nothing, but Stevenson says after paying $245 for a four-night stay ruined by a bomb threat, he wants his money back.

“Trying to get my refund back because I just can’t have a bomb threat threatening my life and the people I was with,” says Stevenson.

Stevenson told me his safety is more important than staying in the motel another night.

“You got people just coming in and making bombs, it’s just not safe for anybody,” says Stevenson.

Motel management told us off camera that the incident may have come from a customer who was disgruntled and upset with management, right now they say it was an isolated incident.

We spoke with the Escambia county sheriff’s department, and they say the incident is still under investigation.

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