23 Arrested in Undercover Drug Operation in Mobile County

An undercover drug operation in Mobile County leads to 23 arrests.
Multiple local, county and federal agencies worked on the nine-month investigation. It wrapped up Wednesday. Charges range from felony to misdemeanor.
The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Saraland Police, Homeland Security and U.S. Marshalls teamed up and served 50 warrants.
There are 27 more people with arrest warrants out who were not taken into custody today. The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office says their names will be released later this week.

The names of those arrested today are listed below:

Derrick Rhodes

Summer Rivers

Timothy Myers

Donald Carlton

Crystal Jordan

Denise Whatley “Antley”

Michael Orr

Patricia Beard

Donna Mason

Steve Ward

Melody Johnson

Eugene Skoglund

Johnathan Echoff

Joseph Cender

Jason Weaver

Justin Dymek

Susan Nolan

Patricia Robertson

Clinton Wilson

Timothy Allen

Joseph Gaines

Virginia Bush


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