‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ Moving in Baldwin County

Bay Minette, AL (WKRG) — An important piece of African-American history is on the move in Baldwin County.

 The “Little Red Schoolhouse”  that’s sat for years in Bay Minette is being moved north to be part of Bicentennial Park in Stockton.  

It’s not often you see a building moving down the road, but that’s the plan in Bay Minette.  This is the last Rosenwald school in Baldwin County.  

They were built all across the south and midwest in the early 20th century focused on the education of black students in segregated areas.  This schoolhouse is going to be preserved as a living history museum.  

 Organizers say the goal is to bring more attention to this little school house and keep it as a vibrant part of Baldwin County History.  

The process will probably take an hour and a half because they have to go slow and raise about a dozen utility lines as they go.  

Watch for traffic delays around Highway 59 from 9 – 11 a.m.  

This old photograph shows the school when it was in use after school integration.
This is an artist conception of what the place could look like

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