Crestview Police Seek a ‘Killer on the Loose’

Crestview Police Chief Tony Taylor says there’s a killer on the loose — that killer being fentanyl, having killed three people in the area recently with three others having had close calls.

“The suppliers of the drugs — they are the killers,” Taylor said.

Police are looking for those people.

“We’re here and we’re trying to get it stopped, that’s our main goal with it, we are trying to get it stopped,” said Tyler Thomason, a Crestview police officer.

The drug seems to be targeting young people in the area. One victim was 23 years old.

It’s not just hitting Crestview. The drugs recently saw a spike in use in the Mobile area as well.

Last month, two local pain doctors were found guilty for charges related to negligently writing prescriptions and leading a DEA raid in 2015 called ‘Operation Pilluted.’

The pair made millions by over-prescribing pain medications like Fentanyl. Now, Crestview Police hope to catch these types of suppliers — whether it be through similar circumstances or through lacing other substances with the dangerous drug.


“It’s very toxic,” Taylor said. “It stops your breathing, affects your respiratory system, and if it’s not stopped immediately, it [can lead] to death.”

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